We are Explor. We help solar companies acquire more appointments each month using our SLG framework.

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22+ Successful projects and counting

Strategy & Research

Let Explor manage the performance of your custom built lead generation programs. We can ensure that you are getting the best return possible from your markting campaigns.

Site Consultation

Looking to boost your lead generation activities? Website optimisation, SEO, content marketing? We have over 10 years of expertise ready for any digital marketing challenge.

Data Driven Growth

Explor will develop engaging digital marketing campaigns and an interactive landing page on your behalf, specifically designed to generate leads for your company.

Hey! We're explor!

Appointments straight to your calendar!

We get it, we know clients apprehensions.

They ask about the upfront cost, the long payment duration is discouraging for them.

They are confused about the performance. Does it really work out in their favour in the long run?

And don't even get started on the actual purchasing process, it's potentially complicated and time consuming.

Is the initial interest they had in the product still going to be there 2 months down the line?

What if we told you there is another way.

A way where the customer is ready to talk to you and understands the entire process. 

We deal with the lead generation, the follow up and nurture of each lead and then put the appointments directly on your calendar.

You're prepared with the most vetted prospects. Credit score, electric bill, confirmed homeowner. 

No time wasters, only the most qualified candidates.

Keep reading, there's more.

Let us introduce

 Mission Control

Looking to see exactly what's going on in the engine room?

Look no further with your very own dashboard of leads coming in and meetings automatically placing themselves on your calendar.


Check what our clients say about us

"Tim was invaluable in shaping our strategy, guiding the developments of the websites, assisting with our copy writing efforts, improving our domain trust and helping us with effective Google ad spend. Our project would have taken 5x longer without his input."

Marc Sloan

Founder and CEO of scout

"Tim makes technical things really easy for me to understand and goes above and beyond to help me achieve my business goals. His team is fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend them!"

Pooja L. Dhiman


"We had very little knowledge of SEO and had been misguided previously. After speaking to Tim we felt very confident going ahead. Tim is literally an SEO guru and explained everything in layman's terms (which is fabulous!). We always felt like we knew what was going on and exactly how it fed into our other marketing efforts"

Noreen Khan

CEO of MyBaker

Tell us what you'd do with an extra 8-10 closed deals per month?